City Challenge Information, April 8, 2014

On April 8th Georgetown is launching a 24 hour City Challenge among 8 of its biggest regional markets (Boston, NYC, Philly, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, LA) to drive participation in donations.  The winning city will have a $25,000 scholarship named and awarded to a student from that city in 2015.

This year there are three chances to win a scholarship named after your city:

Highest Alumni Giving Percentage (July 1-April 9)
Most Dollars raised by a particular city
Most Gifts on 4/8-9 from a particular city

What are we asking you to do?
  • Visit on April 8 and make a gift of any size.
  • Tell your friends and post to instagram, facebook and twitter
  • Join us for cocktails at Lightning Tavern from 6-8pm on April 8 to celebrate and meet your fellow Hoyas in SF!  Register HERE
Why give? 
  • Did you know gifts under $250 funded 25 scholarships last year?  Your gift, no matter what the amount, will help a deserving student attend Georgetown!
  • Participation rate is a factor in US News and World Report rankings.  Last year GU's rate was 31%, several of our peer top 25 schools' giving rates exceed 50%. 
  • The #1 reason admitted students turn down Georgetown is because they receive a more generous financial aid package from another school.  
 We need your help and every gift counts!

For reference, here are last year results, SF came in 2nd to last, we can do better Bay Area Hoyas!!!

Chicago 37.41%
NYC 35.02%
Philly  32.21%
DC 32.00%
Boston 28.64%
San Francisco 27.67%
LA 27.22%

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