Join the NorCal Hoyas Email List

We send regular broadcast emails through the University's email system to the more than 6,000 Georgetown alumni living in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you live in the Bay Area and would like to receive these updates, the easiest way is to register as a member of the Club!

If you'd prefer not to register at this time, or if you're having difficulty receiving emails, please follow the instructions below:

1) Make sure you have your San Francisco Bay Area address updated through the Georgetown Alumni website at

Click on "Alumni Directory" (top right corner of the page), then log in with your NetID and password (click here if you need to retrieve your NetID). This will take you to the Alumni Directory page. On the left side of the page under "Connections" click "My Profile." This will take you to your Personal Profile page for the Alumni Directory. Under "Home Contact Information" make sure your local Bay Area address is updated, and make sure to supply your preferred email address for receiving Club and University emails.

2) Make sure that you haven't opted out of Georgetown broadcast emails.

On your Personal Profile page under "Subscription Management" click on "Edit." There may be a drop-down list for one or more alumni communities. Select "Georgetown Alumni" in the drop-down list. Make sure the box is checked for receiving General Information, and that the other boxes ("Unsubscribe me from all emails from Georgetown Alumni" and "I have opted out by marking community email as spam") are NOT checked.

Please email us at if you are experiencing difficulties or have any questions. You can also click "Contact Us" on the alumni website (top left of corner of the page) and send the University a message through the website.

And as always, you can keep in touch with us through Facebook and Twitter!

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