Georgetown Kickball Team

That's right... a kickball team. We're looking for fleet-footed and fun-loving Hoyas to join the team - a great way to meet people, socialize, and get some, um, exercise. Although it will be a Georgetown alumni based team, everyone is welcome. We encourage you to ask co-workers, friends, and significant others to join the team too!

Details... We'll be doing this through The Golden Gate Sport and Social Club which organizes a variety of intramural sport leagues throughout the City. The season will begin Sunday, January 11th, 2009. Games take place on Sunday and will occur between noon and 3pm at Fort Scott Field in the Presidio.

Cost will vary depending on the number of people who join. 25 people on the team = $25 per person.

We will be taking sign ups and collecting team dues at the Bus Stop during the Georgetown-Memphis game watch. Otherwise, contact Robin Rector or Chris Katsaros if you're interested in playing or want more information!

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