Jeff Green / Warriors Event Pictures

250 Hoya fans were in attendance for the Jeff Green / Warriors event. A brief synopsis:

Besides tailgating in the parking lot, we distributed some custom Georgetown Club of Northern California t-shirts. Once in the arena, we were ushered to a special private bar where Hoyas mingled. The Warriors then raffled autographed gear and we headed down to the court.
We got to sit courtside for about 45 minutes while Jeff warmed up. We were pretty quiet at first, then we dropped a huge "Hoya Saxa" cheer on him that caused him to laugh and join in. Then, Jeff came over into the Hoya crowd and hung out for 20-30 minutes signing autographs, taking pictures and just generally being awesome.
Then he put together a great game scoring a season high number of points (all for us). It was AMAZING. Big, big shout out to Jeff for being so nice and showing Georgetown some love. He really made us proud to be Hoyas on so many levels. Click on Jeff's smiling face for the pictures.

Jeff Green / Warriors Night

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Anonymous said...

These are GREAT pictures that reflect a GREAT Hoya event! Thanks!